Websites Hacking


Below you can read full and detailed information about our service to hack a website. Kindly read everything carefully and contact us if you have any questions. Do not ask for any hacking service without read and understand everything before.


The price to hack a website will be 500 US Dollars in case you want to pay after receiving a proof or 400 US Dollars if you are willing to pay in advance.

If this is the first time you do business with us, it is normal not to trust in someone you don't know, so we recommend you to choose the option to receive a proof before you must pay.

Why? You may wonder why the price difference. The reason is that there are always disrespectful people who ask for a service and then for some reason refuse to complete it, so when we work in advance, we take a risk and often waste our time and work. For this reason, we are forced to charge more money. You pay for disrespectful people who don't. It is unfair, but if it we don't do this, our work would not be profitable.


This is not a hacking service designed for newbies or amateurs. To hack a website and modify it or extract information from the database, it is necessary to have technical knowledge about web management. Many people expect to find a nice control panel with options and menus to click on, however this will not be the case. The service we offer is to hack a website server completely, not a login form but the server itself. The access and administration of the website will be executed through a command prompt by executing SSH commands. If you do not have technical knowledge, you will receive the website's administration data but will not know what to do with them or how to login. It is necessary to have knowledge about SSH.

If you don't have knowledge, you will have two options. You can search for a webmaster and once the service has been completed and you have received the administration data, you can pay them to do whatever you want to do on the website. Or as a second option, you can hire a member of our team to perform the task you want, however if you choose this option, you should ask us about availability and prices before hiring the service.


In case of choosing the option to receive a proof before, we will send you a video in high quality in which you will see our full monitor. In this video, you will see how we successfully establish a connection on the server of the website that you requested to hack after entering the correct administrator username and password. In this way, you can validate that we really have hacked the website.

Understanding the proof - As previously explained, this service requires technical knowledge. If not your case, maybe after receiving the video in which we show you how to establish a connection with the website server, you don't understand correctly what we are doing, since what you will see is a command prompt where SSH commands will be executed. You may be able to interpret some things, but probably won't be able to understand correctly. This is not our responsibility, as we are warning you, and if you wish you can hire a web developer (webmaster) who is a professional person, and will be able to validate the proof for you.


As soon as your order is received, we will reply to confirm it and give you an order number so that you can track it online. Since the confirmation, we will take a maximum of 15 hours to hack the website and retrieve the original administration data, that is, we will not change anything.

If you paid in advance, we will send the website's administration data immediately to your email.

If you still didn't pay, we will send you the proof right away after gotten hacked the website, and from that moment, you will have a maximum of 24 hours to make the payment. If you don't make the payment on time, you must pay a fine of 100 US Dollars. In this case, the total price of the service (plus the fine) will be 600 US Dollars.

Payment method

The one and only payment method we accept is Bitcoin. If you have never used bitcoin before or don't know how it works, you can read a tutorial we have done where we explain the whole process step by step just by clicking on the following link: How to pay with bitcoin?

We warn you: Bitcoin is the best, safest, fastest and easiest payment method in the world, but if you never used it before and this is your first time, and if you want to receive a proof first and then pay, we highly suggest you to buy the bitcoins beforehand and have them ready in your account to pay in due time after receiving the proof. If this is your first time, you may need a little more time to buy them, and if you are late, you will have to pay the fine without exception. There are no other payment methods. We are warning you. Be smart and then do not complain.

If you requested a proof before paying, we will send the website's administration data to your email immediately upon receipt of your payment.


You can cancel or change your order but you will have to pay half the value of the service for the loss of time caused. This will only be possible if you have not yet received the proof or the administration data. If you have already received the proof or the administration data, it means that our work is completely done and must be paid in full without exception.

Last details

  • The service is 100% safe and effective.
  • If you want to hack two or more websites, ask us for discounts.
  • If you have questions, ask before placing an order, not later.
  • If you want to place an order as an intermediary, that is to say on behalf of another person, there are special conditions that you should consult us before.

How to request a service?

Please, Make sure you have read and understood everything before placing an order for a hacking service. If you have questions or do not understand something, ask all your questions before placing the order.

If you have read, understood and agree with our working method at all, send a message to our email address: [email protected] saying all the following:

  1. Tell us that you read at our website about our working method for the Websites Hacking service and that you agree with everything. Don't forget to tell us this because otherwise we will not know if you have already read this page or not.
  2. The URL of the website that you want to hack.
  3. Tell us if you want to pay in advance or if you prefer to receive a proof before.

After receiving your message, If you chose the option to pay before, we will send you our bitcoin address to make the payment. If on the contrary you prefer to receive a proof before paying, we will reply to confirm the start of your order and we will indeed start working on it immediately.

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