Frequent questions

Would you like to hire a hacker for a service but still have questions? Probably your doubts are the same than many other people in your same situation. For this reason, below we will answer the most frequent questions we receive from our clients prior to hire a hacker from our team to execute a hacking service.

For greater agility, we recommend you to search here first and check if your doubts are answered, and if you don't find the answer you were looking for, you can contact with a hacker from our team and ask whatever you want.


Izaum offers many hacking services, all of them of different nature and therefore with different prices.
If you are interested in any of our hacking services and want to know what the price for the particular service is, just check the section: Hacking Services to see a complete list of all our currently available hacking services. Once there, search for the service in which you are interested, and click on the black button that says " More information".
By this way, you can read all information about that specific hacking service, where we will explain in details and step by step how it works and, of course, we will also tell you what the price is.

You will notice that all our prices are expressed in United States Dollars. The reason for this is that we receive customers from all over the world, and we need to express ourselves in a currency that everyone can understand. However, this is merely referential because you can pay with your own local currency of your country, at the day's exchange rate.
To know what the price for a particular hacking service is in your own currency, you can use the following converter:
There you should type the price of the service that you wish to hire (in US Dollars), and then select your own currency as the target currency.

If you have any problem to calculate the price of any of our hacking services in your currency, simply send a message to our email: [email protected] and ask us.


Our only accepted payment method is Bitcoin.
Bitcoin is a virtual currency with which you can make payments in a totally anonymous, safe, and discreet way. In addition, it is available throughout the world and beyond the control or control of any government or entity.
Without a doubt, it is the best option to pay for our services.

If you don't know or have never paid anything with bitcoin before, don't worry. Most people who contact us and ask for our services have never used anything similar, and yet, with just a few minutes of reading, it is possible to learn what it is, how it works, how to obtain, and how to pay with Bitcoin.

To help and simplify the task of all those who need it, we have done a step-by-step tutorial where we explain in detail how you have to do to pay us with bitcoin. If you want to read our tutorial, simply click on the following link How to pay with bitcoin?.

In case you are interested in any of our services and are new into bitcoin, we suggest that you read about it and, if possible, get the bitcoins before requesting the service.
In this way, when you ask us for a hacking service, you will have the bitcoins ready to pay when the time comes, and in this way, avoid possible delays with the payment that could generate surcharges.


Our services have 3 stages that we detail below:

  • Service request
    When you confirm and request a hacking service. It is the first step.
  • Proof
    We will execute the service without receiving any money in advance, and once it has been done, we will give you a proof as a guarantee so you can validate we are real.
  • Payment
    After everything has been done and you have received a proof, you must make the payment, and at that time we will deliver your service.

As you can see, this process gives guarantees to everyone: to you and to us, so that your money will not be at risk and neither our time and work.


YES, we do not keep any kind of information about the visitors of our website nor do we care.
In case you place an order with us, we will delete all conversations from our email as soon as the service has been completed or our conversation ended.

As for our services, they are 100% safe and discreet. No one will ever notice or suspect about anything.


Our guarantee that we are real is the proof that we offer before payment.
You will never have to pay anything without first seeing results. First we will make the service you want and we will send you a proof to guarantee that we are real. The payment must only done after receiving such proof. In this way, you will have a 100% guarantee that we are real and that your money will not be at risk.

You may wonder: What will be the proof we will give you?
This will depend on which service you hire. At Izaum we have a wide range of services and each of them is different and therefore offers a different proof.

In order to know in detail what will be the proof we will give you, click here to see a complete list of all our services. There, look for the service in which you are interested, and click on the button that says: More information. In this way, you can read the Rules and Procedures of that service, where we will explain the whole process step by step and, of course, we will also tell you what the proof is.


YES, you can resell our services or act as an intermediary between us and another person, and if you wish, you can charge a higher price to earn money, but you must accept one condition: you will be solely responsible. You will be the one who hire our services and therefore who has all the responsibility to pay within the agreed time frame and payment method.

If your client, for any reason, refuses to pay for the service, or fails to comply with the contract, that will be your problem, and you must pay us anyway.

When requesting a service on behalf of another person, we recommend that you have already received the money from your client in advance so that you will not have problems later on making the payment.


The best way to contact us is by Email. It's a safe and discreet way, and allows us to organize our conversation effectively. Our email address is [email protected] and we will be very pleased to receive your message at any day and time.

You can also contact us through the Contact form available on this website just by clicking here.

As an added option, it will be possible to talk through the Chat that you can see at the bottom of your screen.
We are not always online in the chat. We are there only a couple of hours a day.
If we are online, it will be possible to talk in real time with us. Otherwise, you can also leave your message for us to see and answer as soon as possible.

Always remember that Email is our preferred form of contact, where we are most online, and the best way to get a quick response from us.