Bitcoin Recovery


Below you can read full and detailed information about our service for bitcoin recovery. Kindly read everything carefully and contact us if you have any questions. Do not ask for any hacking service without read and understand everything before.


After a lot of time and work, we have finally developed a private method to recover stolen or lost bitcoins that is based on 2 types of blockchain attacks that are not our invention and, in fact, they are widely known by the bitcoin community and there is a lot of documentation about them. These methods are called: "Alternative History Attack" and "Majority Attack". We have taken the best of both attacking methods to combine them and generate a new one that is more efficient and, of course, adapted to the needs of our customers.

We have achieved, either through direct agreements with the owners or other alternative methods to control more than 6,000 nodes of the 'bitcoin distribution network' that you can check by clicking here. Besides that, we also have available a large number of devices from people all around the world who have installed, voluntarily, a mining app, in exchange for receiving part of our remuneration, which gives us a great capacity of 'hash power'.

Simply put so that everyone can understand what we are talking about without using so many technical words, the "Alternative History Attack" consists, as its name says, to generate an alternative history for those bitcoins. A story that will say that they were sent to a different direction under our control. This attack of alternative history is achieved in conjunction with another attack called "Majority attack", and this is the most difficult part, because to execute it successfully, it is necessary to control at least 51% of the current bitcoin nodes, that fortunately, was achieved. Thanks to controlling a more than 6,000 nodes (and counting up) and a large number of active miners who provide us with hash power, we are able to make them all write the story we want for a certain transaction.


The method we have developed is a method to recover your own bitcoins that have been stolen from your own account or to reverse a transaction that you have sent by mistake. This is not to steal someone else's bitcoins.
In order to perform this service, we need 2 things:

(1) The Private Key of your own bitcoin account from which the bitcoins you want to recover were sent. It is necessary to know this in order to rewrite the alternative story based on your account, generating the corresponding outputs to your account, and due this, it is mandatory to know the Private Key. If you do not have your Private Key and can't get it, it will not be possible to run this service.

(2) An amount of bitcoins exactly equal to the amount you want to recover. As we have explained before, our method consists in writing an "alternative history" for those bitcoins, for which we will need to have an equal amount of bitcoins available to generate a new story equal to the previous one and then replace the previous one with this new one.

Private Key: As we explained before, we will need the Private Key of the account from where the bitcoins that you want to recover were sent. For your safety, and to avoid possible problems or complaints, we recommend that this Private Key has no funds. If you have them, you should transfer them to another account of yours and leave this account empty before sending us the Private Key.

Equal amount of bitcoins: To create the "alternative story" we will need an equal amount of bitcoins that are stolen or sent by mistake. For example, if you have been stolen by 0.5918 bitcoins, we will need exactly that same amount. This will not be a payment for our work and you will not lose this money. At the end of the process, when the alternative story has been written, you will recover the lost or stolen bitcoins and also recover these bitcoins.


We can not give you guarantees of the exact time it will take us to perform this process as it depends on many factors, such as congestion of the bitcoin network or the number of confirmations that the transaction you want to cancel (more confirmations, more complex). In the best case, we will take less than a day (for recent transactions, with just a few confirmations), while in the worst case, we can delay up to fifteen days (in the case of old transactions, with many confirmations and with the balance already spent). If you want to know a more accurate estimated time, consult us about your specific case and we will gladly tell you.


The price to recover your bitcoins will be 10% of the amount you want to recover but taking into account that 0.1 bitcoins is our minimum price. This means that to recover values that are less than 1 bitcoin, the price will be fixed in 0.1 bitcoins, while to recover values that are greater than 1 bitcoin, the price will be 10%.
To calculate how much is 10%, simply divide the amount of bitcoins you want to recover by 10.

The price of the service will be deducted from the recovered bitcoins. Once the work is done and the bitcoins are recovered, we will send them to any bitcoin address you tell us, subtracting from them, of course, the price of our hacking service.


You can cancel or change your order but you will have to pay half the value of the service for the loss of time caused.

Last details

  • The service is 100% safe and effective.
  • If you want to recover large amounts of bitcoin or cancel multiple transactions, ask us for discounts.
  • If you have questions, ask before placing an order, not later.
  • If you want to place an order as an intermediary, that is to say on behalf of another person, there are special conditions that you should consult us before.

How to request a service?

Please, Make sure you have read and understood everything before placing an order for a hacking service. If you have questions or do not understand something, ask all your questions before placing the order.

If you have read, understood and agree with our working method at all, send a message to our email address: [email protected] saying all the following:

  1. Tell us that you read at our website about our working method for the bitcoin recovery service and that you agree with everything. Don't forget to tell us this because otherwise we will not know if you have already read this page or not.
  2. The TxID (Transaction ID) of the transaction you wish to cancel and recover the funds.
  3. The Private Key of the bitcoin account from which the bitcoins that you want to recover were sent.
  4. The bitcoin address where you want to receive your bitcoins back once they have been recovered, subtracting the price of our service.
  5. Send us an amount of bitcoins exactly equal to the bitcoins that you want to recover in order to generate the "alternative history". These bitcoins will be sent back to you at the end of the process to the same address where you want us to send you the recovered bitcoins. To send us this amount, you can ask us our bitcoin address to send them directly there or you can also generate a paper wallet, send the bitcoins there, and then share with us the Private Key of that wallet.

After receiving your message, we will reply to confirm the start of your order and we will indeed start working on it immediately.

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